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Friendswood House Wash

This is a beautiful 2 story home on Friendswood, made of stucco and stone. Stucco does not do well under pressure, but Sarge's Power Wash uses a common soft washing technique that allows us to clean the stucco without risking any kind of damage from pressure. See for yourself!

Here we have a terrible green algae spot Sarge was able to make disappear, without any pressure at all!

Next is a window by the front door with an unsightly black runoff stain. It was no match for Sarge!

On the side of the house, the algae on the gorgeous white stucco is no longer a problem.

This is the same wall, just a litte farther down.

On the back side of the house, the windows and the exterior walls needed some work.

Nothing too bad for the Sarge.

The was one of the more difficult areas with a lot of algae growth on the windows and the wall.

Last piece of this project was the patio in the back. Not the worst Sarge has had to do, but certainly benefited from a good power wash!

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