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Houston House Wash

Here we have an entire house in Houston that needed a good wash. All this algae needed to be gotten rid of ASAP, and Sarge was ready for the job.

Algae all around the window!

Algae all around the cable, can't have that! Looks so much better!

A little bit cleaner around the faucet

Side of the house looks like new!

Front of the house, so much better without all that algae.

Side looks great after all the cleaning!

Front porch looks so much better clean.

Look at all that dirt, grime, and algae gone, such an improvement.

Walkway around the back side of the house looks fantastic after some good cleaning.

This could be you! If your house needs a good cleaning, or your driveway is in need of some tender love and care, give Sarge a call! 281-241-9789

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