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Meet the Sarge

Howdy, and welcome to Sarge’s Power Blog! Here is where you can get to know a little bit more about me and my business. I grew up on the southwest side of Houston in the Richmond suburbs. I spent my entire childhood in the same house and had mostly the same friends all through school. Upon graduating in 2004, I joined the US Army as a way to pay for college. The work I did was primarily satellite and radio communication, but there was a lot of various IT equipment I learned along the way. I hadn’t planned on staying in past my initial four-year enlistment, but circumstances at the time made it work for me. I ended up staying in for a total of just under eight years on active duty, with another year in the Texas National Guard. During my active-duty time, I deployed on three separate occasions to Iraq, two 12 month tours and one 15 month tour. When I was not deployed, I was stationed in Arizona, where the climate is fairly similar to Iraq, so the transition wasn’t too bad. The transition from south Texas to Arizona was quite a change though. Going from 50%+ humidity all the time to less than 20% humidity all the time was a big shock to the system. Once you get used to it, you find that it’s not all that bad. Coming back home in 2012 was a transition as well. I got a job in finance for a little while, but that turned out to be a poor fit for me, and in 2013 I met my future wife, Melanie. I got back into IT after my stint in finance, which was a better fit. I finished up my Information Systems degree in 2016, which was a relief for me, and in late 2017 I got a system administrator job with Reynolds and Reynolds working on their internal IT infrastructure. I like my IT job but sitting at a desk all the time can get pretty tedious. Sarge’s Power Wash was created as an opportunity to do some physical outdoor work that is enjoyable and can provide some supplemental income for my family. Plus, it's a lot of fun. Let’s get to work! Happy Washing!

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