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Project: La Porte Vinyl Siding and Driveway

Here we have a project I did recently for a smaller house in La Porte. The house was entirely vinyl siding, and you can see from the picture that it certainly needed a good cleaning.

Likewise, the driveway and front steps needed some work as well.

There was no shortage of cleaning needed here, as with most homes that have not had a cleaning in many years, if ever. I know for myself as a homeowner, power washing was not something I had considered much until I saw for myself what a difference it can make. The pictures below show the after photos of the very same house.

Remember, no amount of power washing will make your house, driveway, or deck brand new, but it certainly restores cleanliness and makes everything feel fresh again.

You can have the same feeling, and enjoy the cleanliness for yourself! Call or Text today, 281-241-9789 and get your free quote!

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